How quickly does CENTAURI compensate for vibrations and other environmental conditions?

Modified on Tue, 28 Sep, 2021 at 2:00 PM

Vibration response and the ability to maintain a good link between Centauri devices is a core feature of our products. Our positioning, acquisition, and tracking technology is so important that we invested thousands of hours of research and development effort in this area of performance.

What this means is that today, our devices can monitor close to 1,000 changes in the environment around Centauri every second. In turn, these inputs are processed and converted into insights and that instruct Centauri's control hardware to make from 10 to 100 adjustments per second in the physical alignment between Centauri devices.

The result is that through a variety of environmental conditions, from typhoon (hurricane) force winds, various types of precipitation, transitions from day to night and back again, slow motion tower sways or high-speed vibrations, Centauri can maintain a high-speed wireless connection that provides availability performance of 99% or better, at distances of up to 3 km (and often greater) in all but the most severe physical environments.

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