As of November 2021, CENTAURI supports SNMP v3 without traps. To learn more about setting up SNMP for CENTAURI, please see the CENTAURI Product Manual.

We are currently refactoring our SNMP implementation with additional support for alerts and alarms (traps), planned for release in early Q1 2022.

We also support the use of an SNMP Proxy to simplify the set-up and monitoring of multiple CENTAURI devices within the same network. Please see this article for additional details: Using SNMP Proxy to Monitor Multiple CENTAURI Devices.

Our current implementation of SNMP does not support WRITE capability by Transcelestial's customers. Because Transcelestial currently controls the configuration and management of all CENTAURI devices deployed by our customers, WRITE access is restricted to L3 support users, only, within Transcelestial.

If you require assistance in updating or configuring a data element presented via our SNMP services, please a service request and we will be happy to help.