How does CENTAURI's factory reset feature work?

Modified on Thu, 16 Mar, 2023 at 11:58 AM

This document explains how CENTAURI's factory reset feature works.

When to perform a factory reset

A factory reset may be necessary from time to time or when:

  1. Login username/password for the device are forgotten
  2. Custom configurations for some components result in unexpected/unsatisfactory behaviour
  3. Software updates are not applied properly
  4. Device storage is full

Performing a factory reset

To perform a factory reset we recommend using a small screwdriver or wooden probe to depress the factory reset button, located inside the I/O chamber for the device.

A factory reset will start once the reset button is held down for at least 5 seconds.

CENTAURI factor reset buttong

What happens during a factory reset?

  1. All software and API services are stopped
  2. The laser is turned off
  3. Network settings reset to defaults (DHCP, default IP address restored)
  4. Any SNMP settings are removed
  5. Any user authentication and authorisation details are removed and the default username and password is restored
  6. All stored log archive files are removed
  7. Hardware compute modules are reset
  8. The device power cycles and reboots

Some config files that may have been modified during deployment and prior to initiating a factory reset are left unchanged, including:

  1. Positioning, alignment and tracking configurations
  2. Automatic Power Control settings

These configurations are typically modified as and when they are needed during regular device operation.

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