Device Alerts, Warnings and LOS

Modified on Fri, 22 Jul, 2022 at 1:16 PM

The CENTAURI device is equivalent to a passive fibre-optic cable that connects 2 network elements using SFP/SFP+.

From an operational perspective, the key metrics are the Received Power (Rx) and Loss of Signal (LOS), just like on an SFP/SFP+ module.

The Transcelestial cloud monitoring dashboard will alert with a WARNING If the power drops below the Warning Threshold for more than 10 seconds, which could happen due to extreme environmental conditions such as heavy rain, heavy fog, heavy haze, and so on.

The link should be closely monitored when this happens.

If the Rx power drops below the Alarm Threshold for more than 10 seconds, it means that the link may have experienced a Loss of Signal, and the network equipment connected over the link may not be able to communicate with each other.

In most normal conditions, the link should recover as soon as the environmental impairments causing the Loss of Signal subside.

Before making the decision to go on site to perform a physical check on the device, make sure you check the following parameters for your devices on the cloud monitoring dashboard.

Threshold Type



Warning Threshold (close to NLOS)

-30 dBm

-22 dBm

Alarm Threshold (NLOS)

-35 dBm

-25 dBm

  • On the cloud monitoring dashboard, look for the Rx power of devices, and in particular the "average power," which indicates if there has been any drastic drop in received power. This might indicate LOS and link loss.
  • If the Rx power is lower than -35dbm for Centauri 1G and -25dbm for Centauri 10G, there is no received power on the device and this would indicate that the link is down.
  • "Link status" refers to the data link. If the data link is down for a prolonged period or time, the situation will call for immediate troubleshooting, on site.

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