Can CENTAURI be used as a surveillance device?

Modified on Thu, 23 Jun 2022 at 07:17 PM

While CENTAURI may look a lot like a CCTV device, it is not and cannot be used as a surveillance device.

CENTAURI is a Layer 1 communications device. CENTAURI is designed to be used in point-to-point, line of sight links between CENTAURI devices. When two CENTAURI devices are connected to each other in a link, they can transmit data between them at speeds of up to 10Gbps, over a wireless laser link.

CENTAURI uses computer vision technology to assist in alignment and tracking between linked devices. Information collected during these activities is used solely for the purpose of maintaining the link between CENTAURIs.

CENTAURI devices can only be linked to and communicate with other CENTAURI devices.

Once deployed, CENTAURI is fixed in position. Once linked to another CENTAURI, the sole purpose of the device is to transmit and receive data over the laser link between the devices.

Attempting to use CENTAURI in any way that deviates from its intended function as a Layer 1 communications device is not recommended. CENTAURI is not good at taking selfies, spying on the general population, or shooting videos for your Instagram feed. Attempting to use CENTAURI this way will almost certainly result in substantial disappointment, or possible physical injury, not to mention void your warranty.

Interception of any data transmitted between two CENTAURI devices is extremely difficult and unlikely, given that any object placed in the line-of-sight path between devices will cause the link to drop, and data transmission will stop, while the size of the beam used to carry data is quite narrow, even over longer distances.

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